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ToyGuru talks Spikor and Ghostbusters Dana

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich has once again posted a short video to show off some features on upcoming action figures. He answers questions about how the arm attachments will work on MOTU Classics Spikor and shows how the interchangeable legs work on Ghostbusters Dana.

Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Is Dana articulated at all? When she was shown to us at Toy Fair, I was under the impression that when she has her “normal” legs on, she would still have some articulation. I figured at least the head and arms still moved, and I likened this interchangeable legs feature to the most recent Slave Leia figure that Hasbro put out. I loved that figure, so thought it was cool Mattel was handling Dana the same way. However, I’ve seen a lot of people upset, saying Dana is more of a statue than a figure. So maybe I was wrong about the articulation?

As far as Spikor goes, I love the way they handled his trident. And I think it’s extra cool that the attachments use the same plug in as Trap Jaw, Roboto, and Hurricane Hordak. Definitely not something that was necessary, but col to see it included.

Big Bad Toy Store

May the 4th be with you! Win a 16GB Darth Maul USB Flash Drive from Mimobot!

Happy May the 4th!

Pixel-Dan.com has partnered with Mimobot for this exclusive giveaway!

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Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

MOTUC Mosquitor Sneak Peek #2

Mattel has sent me yet another teaser image to share with you all. This time it’s this tiny little image of a portion of Mosquitor’s thigh.

I am told that it was the idea of Cornboy from Four Horsemen Design that I am teased with tiny pictures like this leading up to the big reveal. If they are trying to kill me with anticipation, I think it’s working. This is pure torture!

But, I am still on Cloud 9 knowing that my all-time favorite character will be coming to Masters of the Universe Classics this year!

Just show him to us already! 🙂

Big Bad Toy Store

New Outer Space Men Pre-Orders from Four Horsemen Design begin tomorrow night!

The Four Horsemen have just announced that pre-orders for two new sets of OSM figures will begin on the evening of May 3, 2012! Click through for full details!

Big Bad Toy Store

ToyGuru talks SDCC Vykron

I’m sure many of you have seen this by now, but I wanted to share it anyway just in case. Scott “Toyguru” Neitlich put up a quick video to show off the funcionality of the upcoming SDCC Vykron. We also get a look at the packaging as well. And look, Spikor!


Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

The Roger Sweet Trio comes to SDCC as MOTUC Vykron

Mattel has finally revealed their 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Fans have been chomping at the bit for quite some time, speculating on what we may be seeing.

The goofy looking trio you see above is the Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive known as Vykron. At least, the barbarian guy is Vyrkon. I’m unsure yet if the other two have been given official names. But in a nutshell, it’s one figure that includes three outfits: a barbarian, a military man, and a space man.

For those in the know, you will immediately recognize what this is. But it seems that there are a lot of fans and collectors out there that are completely thrown off by this exclusive. Many seem to not know what these odd looking figures represent.

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MOTUC Stinkor’s Forearms Reversed cont’d

The debate over the reversed forearms on the upcoming MOTU Classics Stinkor has been a very hot topic among fans over the past week. This thread on He-Man.org is a prime example of how fans are reacting.

Last week I posted a comment directly from Mattel where they stated that the arms were reversed on purpose. Mattel says this was a decision from the in-house design team in an effort to make Stinkor “pop” and differentiate him from other figures who utilize the finned forearms.

Mattel has stuck by this statement, as many questioned them on the MattyCollector.com forums. After similar mistakes happened with reversed parts on figures like Roboto and King Hsss, its understandable why fans may be having a hard time accepting Mattel’s statement as truth.

Yesterday, the Four Horsemen chimed in via their Twitter account, stating:

“We haven’t seen a production version yet so we really can’t comment yet, but we can’t imagine why they would be switched.”

In my opinion, this statement from the Four Horsemen does not prove that Mattel is outright lying about their decision like many fans are claiming. I feel that all this proves is that The Four Horsemen did not intend Stinkor’s forearms to look that way. We already knew this, considering we saw the original prototype at Power-Con, and the forearms were correct.

Now, I am not at all defending Mattel’s decision on this, so don’t get me wrong. I agree that it seems incredibly odd to swap parts for the sake of swapping them, especially when it throws off the anatomy. I’m just saying that the Horsemen have only stated that they also don’t know why Mattel made the decision to swap them, if they did indeed purposely do so.

The debate continues to heat up, so it’ll be interesting to see where it goes. What do you think? Was this a QC issue? Or do you believe this was a decision by Mattel design, albeit an odd one?

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Come see me at Power-Con / ThunderCon 2012!

Are you going to Power-Con / ThunderCon this year? If so, make sure you come see me! I’ll be working the show once again this year, getting lots of footage and images for He-Man.org. But on top of that, I’ll also be taking part in several scheduled events!

On Saturday at the After-Hours Mixer, I’ll be screening a brand new episode of Power & Honor: The World of MOTU Toys!

I’ll also be taking part in the Podcasters Panel, featuring Jon Kallis and James Eatock from MastersCast and Val Staples, Danielle Gelehrter, and myself from Roast Gooble Dinner!

I’ll also be hosting the Cosplay Contest, so make sure you guys wear your awesome MOTU and ThunderCats costumes on Saturday!

Power-Con/ThunderCon is the He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats Fan Convention taking place September 22-23, 2012 at the Torrance Marriott South Bay Hotel in Torrance, California! Tickets are on sale NOW, so don’t miss out!

For more information, visit ThePower-Con.com. Hope to see you all there!

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