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Cool & Collected: The Magazine for Pop Culture Collectors on Kickstarter

Brian Adams, the man behind the website Cool & Collected, has started a new Kickstarter campaign to make the Cool & Collected Magazine a reality. In collaboration with folks from several other pop culture websitesd and blogs, the magazine will feature 64 pages that promises to showcase the items collectors seek as well as the people who seek them.


From Cool & Collected:

The collecting community is incredibly strong, and while Facebook and Twitter may be great for interacting, a printed (and downloadable) magazine will be a welcome addition to the world of pop culture collectors. We love stuff to put on our shelves, and you just can’t do that with a blog post!

The articles in the magazine will be informative and engaging, not only to hard-core collectors, but also to casual fans and collectors who might just be getting started. This will be a fun, family-friendly read that anyone can enjoy. Whether you are a completist who has to have every last variant ever produced, or a flea market warrior on the hunt for whatever strikes your fancy, Cool & Collected Magazine is sure to entertain you.

The magazine will be an extension of the Cool & Collected website and will tap into its vast resources of fellow collectors and experts to create articles that will engage and entertain its readers. The premiere issue will feature 64 glossy pages, covering topics such as collectible Nintendo 64 games, Kenner Super Powers action figures, Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Series, and more! The topics run the gamut from comic books, movie memorabilia, toys, vintage video games  — everything a pop culture collector could possibly want!

The Kickstarter campaign runs through November 7th. For a donation as little as $10 you can get yourself a downloadable copy of the magainze. Or if you prefer a printed copy to actually hold in your hands, one can be yours for as little as $15. This is a really cool little project that I certainly support.

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