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Hasbro G.I. Joe Dollar General Exclusive Snake Eyes Figure Review

Dollar General stores have been receiving some pretty cool G.I. Joe repaints!

Join me for a look at the Snake Eyes figure from this exclusive wave, based on a 1991 release of the character! This was one of my favorite Snake Eyes figures as a kid, so naturally this is an update that really appealed to me. Video after the jump!






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  • @Replikor says:

    I think this updated figure look better than the older one. "EXCEPT" – I do wish that the knees and other [minor] spots were just a little bit more accurate to paint locations that the original figure had.

  • We must be around the same age because the 1991 SE was my first SE, as well. I love this updated figure, although I agree about the goggles. i think that the "commando" head from the first series of 25th anniversary figures would have been a better choice to repaint.

    I don't care if these are "frankenjoes" or not, these are some of the best joes out right now.

  • pancuco says:

    I only have one Dollar General in my vicinity and I've been there about five times now to no avail .The lady who works there must think i'm nuts the way i walk in,scan the toy aisle and then walk out with a disappointed look on my face LOL!

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