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How to fix MOTUC Frosta’s reveresed arms video by Hunter Knight

My good friend Chris, also known as Hunter Knight – the talented customizer who made the MOTUC Pixel Dan action figure, has made this great video tutorial on fixing MOTU Classics Frosta’s reversed forearms! If you’ve been curious about trying this fix yourself, give the video a watch! And if you enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe to Hunter Knight on YouTube!


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  • jlp2711 says:

    Thank You so much for posting this, and thank Hunter Knight for me. I couldn't find any guide on how-to online. Then I tried to do it myself and kinda got stuck. The video shows so much better than pics or just words would. Just another reason to visit so often.

  • HKC uses a few steps that I usually skip. I've never had a problem getting the arms/legs apart by hand. It is harder to get them back together, though (sometimes).

  • bharrisfan says:

    no water here lol. really enjoyed the disdain for water use. which i generally agree with except with mattel's wwe elite torsos and waists which often need to be soaked. but ya thanks for the vid

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