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Masters of the Universe Classics Carded Figure Protective Cases Video Review

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For those of you with a MOC MOTU classics collection, Mattel is releasing their very own protective figure cases! Join Pixel Dan for an early look to see how they work and how they compare to previously released protective cases.




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  • TheDrewsky says:

    They look awesome…but what are the measurements??

    • Pixel Dan says:

      You need exact measurements? They fit the MOTUC figures…lol. 🙂 I'll see if I can get some measurements for you later tonight.

      • TheDrewsky says:

        LOL…funny guy. 😛 No, I want to see if they'll fit on my existing shelves. Mainly, height-wise since it looks like it is about an inch taller and a half inch wider on the sides. I already sized the shelves according to the current card size with a little bit of wiggle room.

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