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Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figure Heads by Kevin Kosse #5 Video Review

Join me for a look an another amazing batch of custom MOTU Classics heads by the talented Kevin Kosse!


Check out Kevin’s work at http://www.facebook.com/kevin.kosse

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  • bat22 says:

    The "Squiddly Skeletor" is my favorite of his original heads but the Horde Troopers take the cake. Like w/ Mantenna, it's slap-your-forehead excellence. While I like the tools that came w/ them, you have to wonder why Matty didn't go further w/ head options after they had done so w/ the Palace Guards and Snake Men.

    And of all Masters to join the Zodac Corps, I must admit that Optikk wouldn't occur to me on my top 10 or 40 list.

  • Frequincy says:

    I love the Horde Trooper heads! Mentenna's Filmation style mouth looks fantastic. I wish I had a few more Horde Trooper 2 packs. I only got one with my sub and forgot to go online and get a few more day of sale.

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