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Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti Figure Video Review

The Evil Space Mutants from the New Adventures of He-Man get a new member! Join me for an advanced look at the Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti figure from Mattel!


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  • Gygor says:

    Another Great Review Dan!!!

    Even though I never watched NA as a kid I'm really loving the way the Four Horsemen are doing these characters justice.

  • Frequincy says:

    More space mutants! Yes!!!!! Very cool version. I wish he was not so bright but other than that, I like this figure.

  • Wrestlingsbest says:

    Will you review the Foe men 3-pack next? That will kick off a great MOTUC summer of goodie releases.

  • Brad_Bane says:

    Karatti looks pretty badass. Can't wait to see what the Horsemen and Mattel come up with next design-wise for the other Space Mutants.

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