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Masters of the Universe Classics Slush Head Figure Review

New Adventures fans represent! The second evil Space Mutant figure has arrived! Join me for an advanced look at the MOTU Classics Slush Head!

Video after the jump!

Slush Head will be available on http://www.MattyCollector.com on May 15th, 2012.

If you are a fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, make sure to visit the #1 fan site and share your love of He-Man and She-Ra at He-Man.org !

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  • Mindless-Focus says:

    Great review! Probably my favorite. I am biased tho as this was my #1 favorite figure in the line. I actually received a factory sample of this guy and noticed a few revisions which work well. MY sample must have been an early piece. Can’t wait to get this guy and will probably get several just in case. I know my first one will get really worn out.

  • JOEY KELLY says:


  • TMC1984 says:

    awesome review and to be honest awesome figure … i don't collect or like NA so won't be buying, but i appreciate that this is a cool figure … the water-feature is awesome …

  • PAT says:

    The end made me laugh !

    Awesome review, as usual. I not gonna fill the head tank so I'm glad you did it. Thanks !

  • I don't really have any interest in NA, but this looks like a pretty cool and unique figure.

  • Man-E-Fan1977 says:

    Based off the gimick I'm tempted to keep this one. Even though what little knowledge I have about the New Adventures of He-Man comes from you, Dan.

  • I was goona not collect new adventures intill I saw this review. Man, does that action feature bring you back or what? Great review Dan!

  • Ron says:

    Figures like THIS is why I really love Motu Classics Toys! Never thought that the 4 horsemen do such a good job with the NA toys. Slush Head looks great!

  • Faker says:

    Slush head figure is looking good!

  • @srattigan says:

    Buying two of Slush Head, one for me and one for my son. Best part is he doesn't even know about the water feature so I can't wait for him to have that experience for the first time. I never had any of the New Adventures figures growing up, but they have now become some of my favorites in the series.

  • The Rook says:

    I recently watched all the episodes of The New Adventures of He-Man on DVD and it was pretty tough to watch. I'd take Orko over those scientists any day. I'd rather have Snarf than the scientists. I think I'd rather have Scott and T-Bob from M.A.S.K. than those stupid scientists!!! Anyway, so far the New Adventures figures from MOTUC have been awesome!!! Can't wait fro New Adventures version of He-Man and Skeletor!!!

  • He_Maniac says:

    Never was a fan of the NA line, but I think the Horsemen have done a great job with these figures. I'm glad to add them to the other line of MOTU characters.

  • Miss M says:

    Love this review! Great as always. the water feature is really cool and i am glad the tentacles were molded. bendable pieces can get out of wack, not to mention their aging process can be a real pain. keep up the great work!

  • Lex says:

    Great review, I must say I really love this figure. I had all the mutants back in the day and Slushead was possibly my second favourite behind Staghorn. I loved Staghorn… mainly because he looks so old and grumpy, like a real miserable Hardcore Holly esque bully. Really cannot wait for him to get the Classic treatment.

  • PrfktTear says:

    Another fine review dan! I don't know that i will leave my slushie head filled with water permanently, but when i do fill it i believe i will use distilled water. i don't know if it will make a huge difference but i might feel better.

    collectors might be wise to change out the water every so often as well so it doesn't get stagnant and start to grow any bacteria or something.

  • Faker says:

    Slush's tentacles don't stay in the peg holes. Is there a particular way to plug em in?

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