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Masters of the Universe Classics Strobo Figure Video Review

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Straight from the Masters of the Universe Magazine from the 80’s comes a character who finally gets his very own action figure! Say hello to Strobo!

Join me for an early look at the MOTU Classics 2013 traveling convention exclusive from Mattel!


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  • Kevin522 says:

    Great review. I kinda like that the cartoon artifact is glued si don't lose it but I can see both sides doing it that way. I just can't get past that mass cimg outta his chest for the "mirror" effect. To me its grotesque being flesh colored or it looks like it's connected to the cape like he's the eternian Flava Flav…….."yeaaahhhh booiiiiiiiii"

  • djaxis says:

    does zodak's head glow like the the original figure?

  • I LOVE Strobo's cape.

  • Kleffton says:

    All these HTF papis are selling out fast and resell at crazy prices. Good of Bad? I'd say painfully good.

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