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Mattel DCUC Super Powers Collection Mr. Mxyzptlk Figure Video Review

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the Mattel Super Powers Collection Mr. Mxyzptlk figure!


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  • Freefall says:

    I believe his name is actually pronounced as if there were an "i" in between each letter, so something like Mix-yiz-pit-lik, but there are probably at least a few "official" pronunciations.

    Yeah, this guy is just way too much for what he is. $30 feels kind of steep for this line already. They could have at least given him ball jointed shoulders and enough leg articulation that you could put him in the sitting pose if you wanted to.

  • Freefall says:

    I believe his name is actually pronounced as if there were an "i" in between each letter, so something like Mix-yiz-pit-lik. But it wouldn't surprise me if there have been several different "official" pronunciations over the years.

    Yeah, $30 is way too much for what this guy is. Even the regular figures are kind of steep at that price. I get he's a full tool, but really, he's already much smaller than the other figures, they could have at least included some lower body articulation (enough so that he could still be put into a sitting pose if you wanted, which a lot of modern figures can do these days anyway).

  • Burgl3cut says:

    I just wanted to make a small point. I do agree that the price is steep for this figure, especially as limited as the figure is. However in fairness to Mattel, the BAF piece is by far the largest of this mini-line. That may be why they priced it equal to the rest.

    For the sake of full disclosure I am a MOTUC guy (sub up for 2015!) not a DCUC guy, so I am not buying these any way. I am just expressing an observation.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Could be, but the same argumant could be made that the exact same piece was imcluded with a full size figure when Kalibak was originally released. Now, the prices have increased dramatically since this line started. But gotta play Devil's Advocate. 🙂

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