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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #6 -The most revealing teaser yet!

Well, I was wrong when I said that the 5th teaser would be the last one before SDCC. I just opened my mailbox to find an e-mail from ToyGuru with the phrase “You have unleashed more power than you can possibly comprehend…” And attached to that e-mail was this photo:

Ack! Spector killed Mosquitor!

I cracked up when I saw this picture. Very clever way to hide his head and chest. But this is still the most revealing picture of Mosquitor so far! We can practically see his entire body! There are small pieces of his chest poking out as well. It appears to be a completely new buck! There doesn’t seem to be any torso articulation, so there very well may actually be liquid in there!  Or, maybe it’s just an armor piece with interchangeable plates like Battle Armor He-Man. I can’t quite tell, but I can say I am more excited than ever!

SDCC can’t get here soon enough!

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