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OMFG! Series 3 available for pre-order now through Kickstarter campaign

That’s right, more Outlandish Mini Figure Guys goodness is on the way, as long as the goal is met on the latest Kickstarter campaign!

I have been a huge fan of this amazing line of mini figures from my good friends over at October Toys. Each series features a cast of wacky characters that are created and voted on by talented artists and toy enthusiasts over on the October Toys forums! The latest batch looks to be another winning set of characters!

Say hello to Pugnacious, Barbarianaut, Dr. Decay, Fruit Punch, and TenCan!

Do not miss out on a chance to grab these amazing looking mini figures! As of this posting, there are only 10 days to go in the campaign! Let’s make this happen!

Need more incentive? There have been some pretty amazing bonuses added in to the campaign this time around, such as the chance to own an exclusive Glyos Pheyden inspired Z.O.M.B.I.E. mini figure!

Click here to head over to the OMFG Series 3 Kickstarter page. Then, head over to the October Toys forum and submit a design to be voted on for series 4!

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