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Toynami Thundarr the Barbarian Princess Ariel Figure Review

Following up on my review of Thundarr himself, I now bring you a look at the figure of the lead female character from the Hanna-Barbera Thundarr the Barbarian cartoon!

Princess Ariel was released by Toynami in 2003. Only three figures were released in the series, and after many years I finally managed to get two of them! While not quite as nice as the Thundarr figure, I do still really like this one and the line in general.

Check out my video review after the jump!



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Price increase for MOTUC in 2013: What’s your limit?

The hot topic in the world of He-Man right now is the recent post by Scott “Toyguru” Neitlich stating that there will be a “dramatic” price increase on the 2013 Masters of the Universe Classics line.

Fans are nervous about this bit of news, worrying that we may see prices as high as $30 and $40 per figure. Personally, I feel that Scott using the word “dramatic” was a poor choice here. I don’t imagine the prices will honestly be any higher than $22-$25 per figure.

Keep in mind that the price hike is not by any means new information. We’ve known this since around the beginning of the year, and even discussed it with Scott on an episode of the Roast Gooble Dinner podcast.

I don’t like the high prices of toys either. In fact, I’ve often commented on how I hate how much toys cost these days. But I absolutely understand that as the years go by, the cost of living goes up, the cost of raw materials goes up, and the cost of products we purchase go up. We’ve honestly been lucky the prices have stayed the same since 2008 until now.

I understand there are quality control circumstances with this line that there is no excuse for. But in the grand scheme of things, I understand the price increase. And as long as it stays at the $22-$25 price point, I’m still good to buy.

So my question to all of you is this: what’s your limit? We all collect for different reasons. For me, MOTU is my first love when it comes to toys, and I would drop everything else I collect before I drop MOTU. But that’s not the same for everyone. So, at what point do you give up on buying MOTUC? What price is “too high?” Discuss!

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Toynami Thundarr the Barbarian Figure Review

In 2003, Toynami released a series of action figures based on the characters from the classics Hanna-Barbera cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian. I always wanted to pick these up, but missed out on them when they were initially released, and over the years the have become a little pricey on the secondary market.

I finally scored two of the three figures from this line (hopefully with the third to come soon!) So, I figured I should give them the video review treatment!

Kicking things off, here’s a look at the figure based on the title character: Thundarr the Barbarian!


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Mimobot “May the 4th” Contest Winner

First, let me apologize for the delay in making this announcement.

Second, I’d like to thank everyone who entered the very first contest here on Pixel-Dan.com! Also, a special thanks to the fine folks at Mimoco.com for partnering with me for this giveaway!

Now, let’s all offer a huge congratulations to Gary B, winner of the “May the 4th” contest! Gary B will be receiving an exclusive 16GB Darth Maul USB Mimobot Flash Drive from Mimoco!

Stay tuned to Pixel-Dan.com for future contests!

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Rediscovering forgotten toys with PocketPowerToys.com

Thanks to a plug by my friend Poe Ghostal, I found this incredibly cool site that I felt I also needed to share. PocketPowerToys.com is a site dedicated completely to the Sega Pocket Power toyline that was released by Tyco in the late 80’s /early 90’s.

This is one of those toy lines that I had mostly forgotten all about, but always remember when I accidentally stumble upon pictures of the Thunder Blade Helicopter or the infamous Glo-Bones.

I remember always wanting many of these as a kid. Especially that Glo-Bones. Unfortunately, I never had him or most of the toys in this unique toy line. However, it turns out that I did have one, and I never even knew it was part of this line. At least, I didn’t remember that it was part of this line.

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Mystic Hammer Fan Project by Joe Amaro finished!

Following up on my recent post about this incredibly cool custom hammer by friend Joe Amaro, Joe has updated his blog with these images of the final product!

From Joe:

“The Mystic Hammer sculpt is now finished! Here are some pictures of the hammer with various figures to give you an idea of scale. The size is 5.5″ tall by 4” wide. It’s now off to get casted and then they will be ready for sale. I do not have a pre-order section. I will post a link here and on Twitter to the sale page when they are ready.”

If you want to stay posted on when these become avaialble to order, you can follow Joe at his blog or on Twitter @amaro_joe.

And stay tuned to Pixel-Dan.com, as I’ll have a review of this awesome new piece soon!

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ToyGuru talks Spikor and Ghostbusters Dana

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich has once again posted a short video to show off some features on upcoming action figures. He answers questions about how the arm attachments will work on MOTU Classics Spikor and shows how the interchangeable legs work on Ghostbusters Dana.

Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Is Dana articulated at all? When she was shown to us at Toy Fair, I was under the impression that when she has her “normal” legs on, she would still have some articulation. I figured at least the head and arms still moved, and I likened this interchangeable legs feature to the most recent Slave Leia figure that Hasbro put out. I loved that figure, so thought it was cool Mattel was handling Dana the same way. However, I’ve seen a lot of people upset, saying Dana is more of a statue than a figure. So maybe I was wrong about the articulation?

As far as Spikor goes, I love the way they handled his trident. And I think it’s extra cool that the attachments use the same plug in as Trap Jaw, Roboto, and Hurricane Hordak. Definitely not something that was necessary, but col to see it included.

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