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Pixel-Dan & Daniel Benedict Play He-Man on the Atari

Now that’s you’ve seen my review of the Intellivision and Atari 2600  The Power of He-Man video game, let’s have some more fun!

Myself and Castle Grayskullman creator Daniel Benedict sit down to play some Atari. Hilarity ensues!


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  • supergonzo1980 says:

    Great video but I can't believe you let him take a drill to a Mosquitor figure!

  • TMC1984 says:

    hahaha!!! that was awesome!!!

  • crashmurdoch says:

    You know Scott paid him to do that right?

  • Wrestlingsbest says:

    Dan. i wanted to ask you. Have you ever played the TMNT arcade game? And I don't mean the nintendo version I mean the coin Arcade one because it's different in my opinion with better graphics, music & has all the levels. My favorite style of game where you don't get lost like games nowadays but you have to fight your way through to the next boss of every level.

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