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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness #12 – The “Oh Noes!” Edition

Welcome to everyone’s favorite show about opening toys on camera…Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness!

We have dubbed this episode the “Oh Noes!” edition for many reasons. This episode was filmed last week. then, the footage was accidentally erased during a file transfer! So, we had to shoot again even though everything was already opened. Then during the reshoot, one of the lights blew out so we had to shoot with only one light, and we have audio issues resulting in static from time to time. It’s like this episode was DOOMED from the beginning!
Nonetheless, we hope you still in enjoy it!

Today, we’re checking out many items:

  • -Trash Pack Series 2
  •  -DC Heroics
  • -Dark Knight Rises Heroclix
  • -Angry Birds Mashems
  • -Mario Kart Gachapon
  • -My Little Pony FIM Series 1,2, and 3
  • -Filly Princess
  • -Ickee Stickeez
  • -Moshi Monsters Mashems

A very special thanks to viewer James for sending in so many goodies, and our apologies for the lost footage of our first opening!
Also thanks to our sponsor at http://www.fantasticplastictoys.com

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