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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 27 – Always something new!

Welcome back to Blind Bag Madness! Dan and Stina have been on a roll lately, because there always seems to be more and more new Blind Bag toys hitting stores! And we love it!

In this episode, we’re opening up:
-Iron Man Micro Muggs
-G.I. Joe Kre-O
-MLP Friendship is Magic
-Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 4
-Spider-Man Fighter Pods Series 1
-Spider-Man Chocolate Egg Surprise
-Power Rangers Mega Force Mini Figure

Enjoy the madness!


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  • fball13z says:

    FYI the GI Joe Kre-O are numbered on the bags

  • Ricky1980 says:

    Hasbro is doing a retail Derpy, she was at NYTF, so my hopes are high on a blind bag Derpy. If only we could get a blind bag BattleDerpy. 😉

    I think that Spiderman pod figure is Luke Cage.

    Keep the BBMFM videos coming.

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