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Pixel Dan’s Toy Review Advent Calenar 2014 – Advent Calendar Mini Figure Madness!

Happy Holidays! It’s that time again! Advent Calendar Mini Figure Madness is back!

Join Pixel Dan and Stina for Advent Calendar unboxings every day from now through Christmas! This year features LEGO Star Wars, Playmobile Dragons, Littlest Pet Shop, and Wow Wonderland!

In addition there will be blind bag openings, giveaways, Creepy Santa, and more!

Just click on the date on the calendar in the video for the corresponding video. A new video will be released every day and 12:00 Noon (central standard time!)

NOTE: You must have YouTube’s Annotations turned on in order to click the video itself. Some devices, like tablets and phones, do NOT support annotations. If your annotations do not work on your device, click the links below or subscribe to stay up to date!

DAY 1: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-1/
DAY 2: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-2/
DAY 3: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-3/
DAY 4: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-4/
DAY 5: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-5/
DAY 6: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-6/
DAY 7: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-7/
DAY 8: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-8/
DAY 9: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-9/
DAY 10: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-10/
DAY 11: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-11/
DAY 12: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-12/
DAY 13: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-13/
DAY 14: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-14/
DAY 15: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-15/
DAY 16: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-16/
DAY 17: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-17/
DAY 18: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-18/
DAY 19: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-19/
DAY 20: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-20/
DAY 21: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-21/
DAY 22: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-22/
DAY 23: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-23/
DAY 24: http://pixel-dan.com/advent-calendar-mini-figure-madness-2014-day-24/

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