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Pop Culture Shock to make He-Man statue – and YOU get to choose the style!



Looks like we’ve got more merchandising happening for the 30th anniversary of Masters of the Unvierse!

Pop Culture Shock, the company most well known right now for their ThunderCats statues, looks to be producing a new He-Man statue! The cool part is that they are allowing the fans to vote on the style of the statue!

The above image has four different versions of He-Man, the first being a fully Filmation rendition and the fourth being what they call a “realistic” rendition, with the two in between being a combination of the two.

Personally, I voted for B. I would also be happy if A was the winning choice. I’d love to see a Filmation styled He-Man in statue form!

You can vote right now over at Pop Culture Shock’s Facebook page!

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