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Positively Nerdy Podcast Ep. 60 – Star Trek TNG

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on episode #60 of the Positively Nerdy podcast! In this episode, we geek out about Star Trek: The Next Generation, a favorite series of mine. Click on through to listen and bodly go where no one has gone before!

Welcome to Positively Nerdy!  Welcome to the final frontier of the 24th Century and a topic I’ve been waiting to discuss on this podcast for a long, long time: Star Trek!  Specifically, Star Trek: The Next Generation.  And for this long-anticipated discussion, I’ve recruited a few friends!  Joining the Away Team for this mission is none other than Pixel Dan and Kat Hallock, in her podcasting debut!

Kat, Dan and I share our own stories of how Star Trek: The Next Generation entered our lives and what about the show stays with us to this day.  Along the way we touch on classic episodes and personal favorites including: Redemption, Darmok, The Inner Light, Best of Both Worlds, I, Borg, Q-Pid (and many more Q episodes!), All Good Things… and Lower Decks.  Along the way you’ll discover, as we did, that different episodes of TNG mean something different to each of us and how much a part of our personal lives this show was in connecting us with friends, family and growing up.



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