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Power-Con 2013 Masters of the Universe Classics Walkthrough with ToyGuru

New toys have been revealed for Masters of the Universe Classics, so once again Pixel Dan meets up with Scott Neitlich to get a closer look!



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  • cbomb23 says:

    Funny you mentioned no one cares about the mailer box……. seems a few do:) For whatever reason?

  • TMC1984 says:

    cool walk through!!!

  • Frequincy says:

    Awesome walk through. Cannot wait for Grayskull. Not sure where to display it yet lol, I ordered two! Modulok looks fantastic and Blade's armor sculpt is amazing.

  • bat22 says:

    My first Power-Con and I walked in on the tail end of your interview! Felt surreal after seeing lengthy interviews between you two online.

    So many enticing figures but Blade in particular brings back an old feeling first felt when I saw the TMNT films' Super Shredder as a toy alongside the cartoon-derived toys.

    I was very disappointed when Grayskull shrunk from the cardboard model Toy Guru first promoted, but the castle feels significantly larger in person than watching on video. I look forward to receiving it as someone who ordered since the first day.

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