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Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

TOY HUNTING and Vlogging with Pixel Dan at Power-Con 2017 – Awesome and rare MOTU Toys!

Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

Pixel Vlogs – Two Vlog Series Available Now on The Pixel Dan Channel


That I have two VLOG series on my channel?

The Pixel Dan Vlog gives you a glimpse into my life on the road, doing this crazy adventure through the world of toys! Follow me to New York Toy Fair to learn what I put into covering the event, follow me to Colorado and get a behind the scenes look at filming the series “From Plastic to Pixels,” and more! This Vlog will always be updated with new content as I travel to various places such as San Diego Comic Con and more! It’s a fun look at what happens behind the microphone and camera of Pixel Dan.

Toy Hunting with Pixel Dan is my Vlog series that follows me to toy shows, toy stores, and conventions in search for cool new pieces for my collection! One of my favorite things about toy hunting is just seeing all of the cool stuff that’s out there. Sometimes it’s rare, sometimes it was forgotten until I stumbled upon it. But it’s always fun, and I wanted to start capturing those experiences for others to enjoy with me!

I hope you enjoy these shows on The Pixel Dan Channel! I love to keep a good mixture of different types of toy related content on my channel, because it’s ALL fun to me and I enjoy sharing my passion with the world. Of course, you can still find normal toy reviews and more!

Help me out my sharing, subscribing to my channel, hitting the “Like” button on the videos you enjoy, and leaving me comments!

Thanks everyone! I appreciate you all!

Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

TOY HUNTING with Pixel Dan at Fifty-Two 80’s – A Totally Awesome Toy Store!

Welcome back to another episode of Toy Hunting with Pixel Dan!

On a recent trip to Denver, CO, I stopped by a great shop called Fifty-Two 80’s! This amazing store was overflowing with retro toy goodness!

Enjoy, and thanks for watching!!

Big Bad Toy Store

TOY HUNTING with Pixel Dan – Massive Food Fighters Figures and Collectibles Haul!

It’s a special episode of Toy Hunting with Pixel Dan, where there’s not any actual hunting but there IS a massive toy haul! Dan is joined by his friend Josh who has an amazing boxed Food Fighters toy colelction for Dan!

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