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True Cast Studio’s “The Walking Dud” comes to New York Comic Con

The amazingly cool “Walking Dud” figure from True Cast Studios is headed to New York Comic Con for a full debut, and is available now at TrueCastStudio.com/shop! Click through to get the details!

The “Walking Dud” created by Adam Smith co-owner of True Cast Studio http://www.truecaststudio.com .

Original sculpt by Adam Smith/True Cast Studio.

Ultra violence sculpting by Jason Frailey (sculptor for NECA).

Production by Josh Edwards/True Cast Studio.

Collaboration and promotion by THEGODBEAST http://www.godbeast.com .

There are 3 different sizes of the “Walking Dud”:

1.  The 2” mini rubber figure (like M.U.S.C.L.E. figures).

2.  The 4” mini articulated rubber figure (4 points of articulation including the head, waist and both arms).

3.  The full sized 7” rubber figure (5 points of articulation, the tongue being the 5th point).

The 2” mini non-articulated rubber “Walking Dud” comes in only single colorways ($15 ea. + shipping).

The 4” mini articulated rubber “Walking Dud” is produced in single colorways ($35 ea. + shipping), DIY ($35 ea. + shipping), multi-color ($35 ea. + shipping), and fully painted ($75 ea. + shipping).

The 7” full sized rubber “Walking Dud” is produced in single colorways ($75 ea. + shipping), color separated non-painted  ($125 ea. + shipping), and fully painted ($150 ea. + shipping).

Another guest collaboration coming soon is a sequel “Walking Dud” character sculpted by Rudy Garcia (who has sculpted for McFarlane, NECA, Sideshow, Hallmark, Diamond, etc…).  Adam Smith has molded and is currently producing (in the same 3 sizes and production types) Rudy’s sequel “Walking Dud” character.

“Walking Dud” parts are fully compatible and interchangeable with the same production size characters.

Adam Smith (co-owner of True Cast Studio) is the master mold maker/prototyper for NECA toys and several other major toy companies.   He has been mold making and prototyping in the retail toy industry for over a decade.

Josh Edwards (co-owner of True Cast Studio) is a mold maker/prototype for NECA and several other major toy companies.  Josh has done the production of the “Walking Dud” series.

The “Walking Dud” made it’s sneak preview at 2013 C2E2 in the Nerd City booth and in the True Cast Studio online store http://www.truecaststudio.com .

The “Walking Dud” will make it’s first full debut at 2013 NYCC in the Onell Design booth along with Adam Smith’s/True Cast Studio’s “Grotesques” rubber figures.

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