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War on Prehis Multi Drone figure available for pre-order today

The latest offering from Good LEg Toys is available for pre-order starting today! Click through for information on the War on Prehis Multi Drone!

Heads up, PrehisTorians!

Goodleg Toys is revealing their 5th War on Prehis figure, the terrifying Multi Drone! Beast, machine and man have fused to perfection in this latest creation of Prehistorian warfare. This six armed abomination can fight with the precision of a robot, the ferocity of an animal, and the ingenuity of man. Because of their fast turning arm prothesis and their shrieking buzz saw chests, Multi Drones are also called the “whirlwinds of doom” on Prehis.


Each figure comes with our 2nd WoP mini-comic “Attack of the Skull Squad”, featuring art by Paplo Perra & Ralph Niese, and a story by Luke Toywalker. Multi Drone comes in a totally new designed packaging, stands about 5.5″ tall, and features 3 points of articulation (head, shoulders). Each figure is hand painted and hand casted in foul green resin. There’s also gonna be a very limited supply of custom painted versions available.

Preorders start today, Friday, Jan 31st, at 9.00 pm GMT+1. See you on the battlefield! Over at http://goodlegtoys.storenvy.com!

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