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DC Universe Classics All Stars New 52 Batman Figure Review

Mattel’s DC Universe Classics will continue at retail with a smaller All Stars line that will seemingly focus more on the “heavy hitters” of the DC Universe.

Join me for a look at the new Batman figure from this wave, based on his appearance in DC’s “New 52.”

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  • Lovable-Bill says:

    He's great! i am so happy I jumped on ordering the wave from BBTS. Now if the '13 sub can get off the ground.

  • Dr Kain says:

    I wanted this figure a year ago, now, I really don't care so I cancelled my preorder for the wave at BBTS and will just take my chances in retail stores. Of course, I may just hold out for the "already" reissue coming out with the wave of Batman Unlimited figures to see if he comes with any accessories.

  • Batmanfan says:

    Hay dan where did you get the new 52 Batman?

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