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Four Horsemen Design Power Lords Power Soldiers Figures Review

The Power Lords are back thanks to the Four Horsemen! Join me for a look at the first release int he line: the black and white Power Soldiers!


To stay up to date on the new Power Lords line from Four Horsemen Design, visit http://www.SourceHorsemen.com and http://www.PowerLordsReturn.com

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  • das_bookpimp says:

    I got mine yesterday. I love these guys!!! They are fantastic and I can't wait for more figures in this line.

  • Feroz Nazir says:

    Nice review.

    I also did not realize it at first, but thanks a review on itsalltrue.net if found out that the necks are also removable.
    This makes it possible to swap heads with other glyos figures.

    For those interested in these figures I think it's important to point out that this particular combination was available in the Horsemen online store and quickly sold out. I think it was said they'de be available again, but I'm not sure if they meant this particular color combination or the same figures, but in different colors.

    A new color combination is available now in the Horsemen online store and early (48 hour) access was possible if you had a Power Lords subscription.

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