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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #5

ToyGuru responded to my costume teaser video I posted this morning by sending me a 5th tiny teaser image for the upcoming Masters of the Universe Mosquitor figure! He really does know how to torture me…

This image appears to be a shot of the figure from the side. This seems to confirm that our assumptions about him having the extra insect appendages are correct, as it looks like that’s what we have stuck to his back there. You can also see what may be a piece of his shoulder pad, which seems to be a light brown like the gloved hand we already saw.

I can imagine this will be the last teaser image that is sent, as the entire figure will finally be revealed on Friday July 13th and the Mattypalooza panel at SDCC! I hope anyone who is going understands that I absolutely will not be able to hold in my excitement when that reveal happens. 🙂

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