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Phantom Dan’s 2014 13 Days of Halloween Toy Reviews – Click Each Day For a New Review!

Phantom Dan has risen from the grave once again to present 13 Days of Halloween-themed Toy Reviews! A new video will be released every day from now through Halloween!


If you are on a device that allows annotations, you can click right on the interactive calendar each day to watch a toy review! Or, just click the links below:

DAY 1: Aliens Colonial Marines Xenomorph Boiler & Spitter by Hiya Toys

DAY 2: Horror Classics Mystery Minis by Funko

DAY 3: Kotobukiya Horror Bushoujo Freddy Krueger

DAY 4: McDonald’s Halloween McNugget Buddies (Retro Toy Rewind)

DAY 5: Trash Pack Gross Zombies 12-Pack

DAY 6: Trash Pack Gross Zombies Zombie Catcher

DAY 7: Fast Lane Monster Invasion

DAY 8: NECA Retro 8″ Clothed Scream Ghost Face

DAY 9: Zombiezz Series 1

DAY 10: Wrecked Decks

DAY 11: 1996 WWF Superstars Undertaker

DAY 12: Mutant Mania 8-Pack

DAY 13: Twilight Zone 3.75″ Retro Figures

A full gallery of images for all 13 reviews will be available at http://www.ToyNewsI.com

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