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SDCC 2012: ThunderCats MiniMates at the Icon Heroes Booth

In addition to the San Diego Comic Con exclusive set, it appears we are getting more ThunderCats MiniMates!

Icon Heroes had several on display at their booth, including the main team, the mutants, and the Berbils!

Click through to check out the images!

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  • Jarrod says:

    Well, these pretty much hit all the right notes for me. No matter how many times I try to cut back or give up on Minimates, they always draw me back in. These all look great, and I love that small characters like Snarf and a Berbil are being packed in these sets along with the Thundercats and Mutants.

  • […] can be found at Pixel-Dan. Thanks to Feroz Nazir (I should just let you post the news, cut out the middle man) July 13th, […]

  • MegaGearMax says:

    Wow! Icon Heores was more amped to get the ThunderCats license than Bandai, the guys who were making the actual toys!

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