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Spy Monkey Creations Armory Series Toxic Glow, Shining Gold, and Solid White Review

Recently I took a look at the brand new Armory Series 1 from Spy Monkey Creations, the incredibly cool new customizable weapons that utilize the amazing Glyos System from Onell Design.

Now the fine folks at Spy Monkey are releasing three new colorways as part of their first series:

  • Solid State Series White
  • Metal Series Shining Gold
  • Armory Series Toxic Glow

Click through to check out the video review of the incredible new sets!


These three new sets will be available starting Friday, April 13th at http://www.SpyMonkeyCreations.com!

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  • James says:

    Love this kind of stuff! After I watched your review I had to get some of these. I probably would have never gotten these if it wasnt for this review. My cousin and I would have went crazy over this kind of thing when were kids. Always wanted cool new weapons for our figures.

    I love that you do reviews for the non mainstream toys. Got into the Gothatropolis line from your reviews also. Its great to see the product before deciding to fork out the dough for them. Thanks again PixelDan.

  • ofrebowsker says:


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